Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby

KathleenImage_baby_dogRemember before any introductions, that the safety of your child should always come first! If your dog is well behaved, chances are that it will adapt to the new member of the family. If you have any doubt that your dog will not get along with your baby or you have any concerns about how your dog may react, consult a professional. You may contact Kathleen directly if you have any questions at this number: 978-468-1616 

It is a good idea to make preparations long before you introduce your baby to your dog. Kathleen advises that you introduce stimuli to better familiarize your dog with new sounds and smells that may cause unease. Some examples are playing a cd or sound clip of a baby crying, letting your dog smell the baby’s blanket, and set up the nursery before the baby arrives. Once your baby arrives, carefully introduce your pet to your baby, such as allowing it to smell your baby’s feet.

If you plan on not allowing the dog in certain places where the baby will be, make sure that you start that training before you introduce your pet to your child. You do not want the dog to make any negative associations with your baby. Jealousy can be a factor, so make sure that you are continuing to give your dog a healthy amount of attention that it is used to, and perhaps even an extra walk or playtime to show some extra love. Key note here is about maintaining a balance.


Advice from Dr. Mercola: Prepare Your Pet to Welcome Your New Baby


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