Kathleen O’Connell James – Professional Dog Trainer Northshore Massachusetts

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Kathleen And her male German Shepherd Kato

Our Clients Say it Best

Grace & Henry

I can’t believe how much your training has improved my life. I get to go on walks through the neighborhood, I don’t waste so much time barking like a MadMan at all those silly little dogs. I’m learning to be in very good control when I see another dog while I am out walking and I come when I am called.


Our​ ​eighteen​ ​month​ ​German​ ​Shepherd​ ​has​ ​been​ ​nothing​ ​but​ ​successful​ ​in​ ​her​ ​training​ ​with  Kathleen​ ​and​ ​Dogtra.​ ​Our​ ​family​ ​adopted​ ​Shayna​ ​last​ ​February​ ​with​ ​a​ ​limited​ ​knowledge​ ​of​ ​her​ ​background, and​ ​were​ ​a​ ​bit​ ​surprised​ ​with​ ​her​ ​initial​ ​demeanor.​

Working with animals has been a life-long passion of mine.

I have been training dogs of all breeds and ages since 2001, and am always updating and modifying my method to benefit dogs and their owners by utilizing tools I have learned from well known trainers from around the world.

To keep my skills sharp, I compete with my own dogs in a German sport called Schutzhund.  Schutzhund is a dog sport including three different phases: tracking, obedience and protection.  It was used as a test for German Shepherds to test their working abilities for the military.  I attend seminars frequently so I can update my ability and knowledge in order to pass that benefit on to my clients.

As time changes it is important for all people and their dogs to grow with society.  I am always investigating and updating easier and safer ways to teach owners and their dogs.

There are many books available that can educate you about the basic theory of training but it is important to find a trainer who can teach you how to apply those tools.  Knowledge of raising a pack animal is very important. I believe most behavior problems derive from this lack of knowledge.  We may domesticate our dogs, but the truth is they still are pack animals and communication is key to raising them successfully.

I am very passionate about my work and enjoy teaching people more about their animals and how to communicate with them better.