Dog Training in Massachusetts

BH Competition

Kathleen and Kato BH Competition

Our Clients Say it Best

Marjorie & Asher

Kathleen James came to our home to help us with our five-year-old Heeler mix, Asher. Asher was displaying aggressive behavior whenever a human or dog stranger came onto our property. He would bark, growl and lunge and I was afraid he was going to bite someone.

Tom Cannon & Brady

I have owned dogs all my life but it wasn’t until I adopted a German Shorthair Pointer that I felt the need for professional training. Inside my home Brady was a well behaved and affectionate 2 year old. Outdoors he is a hunting beast. When he got loose it was bedlam.

Atlantic K9 Dog Training designs programs around you and your dog, to accommodate your Massachusetts lifestyle.

We specialize in three basic types of training:

Basic to advanced obedience training for all ages of dogs.This includes: Puppy imprinting (How our puppies are first introduced to training), raising a puppy correctly (prevention of behavior problems); Teaching basic dog obedience commands like heel,sit, stay, come and down; Invisible dog fence training and products; Crate and house training; Refresher obedience training for older dogs; off Leash training and more.

Behavior Modification for older dogs (including adoptees) and those that have been abused, abandoned, or traumatized. Training includes modifying behavior problems such as pulling on a leash and leash aggression; barking at people walking into the house or out in public; jumping on people, counters, furniture, etc; stealing food and food aggression; separation anxiety; shyness, and recovery from trauma (abuse, abandonment, etc).

Training for sanctioned dog shows and other competitions. – If you are raising a competition show dog, we can start training early to ensure that your dog learns the cues and routines that can make it a winner.  In Competition training all behaviors are broken down into small steps and put together as the training progresses.