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Highly recommended products and resources that Kathleen regularly uses at her facility and for her own dogs, that can be conveniently ordered through Amazon.

Leashes, Collars, and other Dog Training Items

These are a selection of dog training items that can be directly ordered through Amazon. All other dog training tools and aids that Kathleen recommends can be found here, and can either be purchased directly through Atlantic K9 or through a direct vendor recommended by Atlantic K9. Call us at 978-468-1616 to order.

Herman Sprenger Prong Collars

3.25 (Med). 2.25MM (small). 3.25mm (mild pullers)

Leather Leashes

Long Lines

For use in Off-Leash Training

Martingale collars

Head Halter

Light-Up Dog Collars

Use this on your evening walks, so you never lose sight of your dog.

Dog Crates, X-pens, & Beds

A selection of dog crates, x-pens for puppies, dog beds, and crate pads.

Dog Crates & X-pens

Dog Beds

Crate Pads

Toys, Bowls, and Bells

A selection of puzzle toys for mental stimulation, feeding bowls, and potty training bells. Plus some options of bio-degradable poop bags!

Stainless Steel Bowls & Puzzle Bowls

We recommend stainless steel or ceramic bowls over plastic bowls. For fast eaters, we recommend puzzle bowls, which come in both stainless steel and plastic options.

Dog Puzzles and Mental Stimulation Toys

Use theses puzzles to mentally stimulate your dog and keep them busy!

Dog Bells

For potty training and to let owners know to go out side

Bio-Degradable Poop Bags

Dog Supplements on Amazon

Holistic supplements to support immune health and promote healthy living. All items have been used and are recommended by Kathleen, and can be bought directly through Amazon.


Immune Support


Teeth Supplements and Chews

Stress Relief

Insect Repellent

Paw Protection

Dog Related Books

Helpful, interesting, and informative books about dogs that Kathleen recommends to her clients.

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