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Atlantic K9™ Rolls Out a New Look

It’s exciting times at Atlantic K9™! After 18 years helping families and their dogs live balanced, happy lives, we felt the time had come to update our logo and website.

Our new brand reflects how we have expanded our client offerings and the communities we serve. We provide a variety of customized dog training and behavior modification programs, boot camp, daycare and boarding that are effective and convenient.  Since we are all about dogs, we created “Harmony” who represents the services we offer and how we approach working with you and your dog.

The New Logo

harmonyHarmony’s face represents the path of life. Like everything, there is a “yin and yang” of complementary forces. At Atlantic K9 TM, we believe in raising dogs naturally and holistically, in balance with the universe. Dogs’ natural behaviors, which are neither right nor wrong, sometimes create imbalances that are frustrating to their human family members. Using a balance of positive reinforcement and negative consequences, we help guide dogs towards a path of least resistance. We do this by balancing methods that gently guide the dog to avoid less desirable behaviors with praise and reward of acceptable behaviors from a human standpoint. While we train each dog to understand what is right and wrong, it is never done in a harmful or fearful way.

Our founder, Kathleen James, has a unique ability to access a dog’s soul through a balance of calm and assertive discipline that is always infused with love. “Harmony’s” eyes look into the heart and soul of both the dogs and their owners. At Atlantic K9, we see the compassion and trust in all of our dogs as well as all their good qualities. It’s through our eyes we make our personal connections and find the truth.

“Harmony’s” ears are shaped as triangles. The shape represents the union of mind, body, and spirit. The triangle also reflects the realignment of energy we do with all our families and their dogs. It also embodies stability and positive energy as the triangle is a strong shape.

The New Color Palette

rebranding paletteThe Color Palette is based on the canine markings of Jack Russells and German Shepherds, two breeds Kathleen breeds and owns. The grounding elements of this palette help nourish the soul and create a peaceful environment.

Our name, which reflects Kathleen’s professional background in dog training, has stayed the same. However, we have changed the way we display it.  We selected a font that is open and inviting. The “tail” of the letters’ feet are playful and up-to-date much like the techniques we use.

The New Tag Line

rebranding tagline
We’ve also added a tagline “Dog training reimagined” that represents the balance between enjoying a happy relationship and setting achievable goals with you and your dog. At Atlantic K9, we like to imagine all the good possibilities we have with one another and our dogs. We also take a different approach than other dog trainers, basing our techniques on deep experience and proven research. We believe our success stories speak best to our approach.

Together “Harmony” represents how we can help deepen the bond between you and your dog through customized training programs, daycare and boarding support and care that fits your busy schedule. While we have a new look, our commitment to you and your dog remains unchanged.

The New Website

We hope you will take a moment to visit and explore our new site. The new site is easy to use both on your computers and phones. We have also added a client portal making it easy to reserve boarding and daycare as well as provide us with important information about you and your dog.

Please let us know what you think!

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