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Puppies Available

Puppies Available

We plan to have our next Jack Russell litter in Spring 2023!

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I am passionate about dogs, so it’s no wonder that along with training them I also own and breed them.

Atlantic K9 breeding services are driven by my love and appreciation of dogs. Particularly the Jack Russell Terrier and the German Shepherd. My almost 20 years of experience as a trainer and dog behaviorist, combined with a deep interest in dog genetics, makes breeding an incredibly rewarding addition to our Atlantic K9 services.

Breeding is a passion of mine – I’m not in it for the business. I go to great lengths to screen for common genetic diseases within my bloodlines, ensuring I provide healthy dogs to owners. I also screen my dogs for temperament, taking care to breed dogs that are inherently trainable and a wonderful addition to a family home.

In addition to my focus on dog health and temperament, I also work as a “matchmaker” to select dogs that are the best fit for a family and also make sure that the family is the right fit for the dog.

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