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About Our Services

At ATLANTIC K9 ™, we help dog owners achieve their overall training goals. Whether it’s helping to raise a new eight-week-old puppy or partnering with clients to help them address the toughest behavioral issues, Atlantic K9 is here for you with professional dog training services. We were built on a foundation of trust that encompasses the following:

  1. Taking the time necessary to listen to our clients and understand their unique needs and goals.
  2. Designing a sustainable dog training solution that benefits both the dog and owner.
  3. Completing post-training follow up sessions that guide our clients through the dog training process, including the proper use of the various tools through kind and gentle application.

Our priority is to always ensure a safe training environment for every dog and to make owners feel confident in their ability to learn, and ultimately implement, the tools on their own.

To learn more about any of our dog training programs, please call 978-468-1616 today and one of our specialists will be happy to guide you toward the best program that fits your needs.

We offer the following training services:

Boot Camp Program

This dog training program is designed for puppies and dogs of all ages. It is also a solution for dog owners who do not have the time to do the “imprinting” required for proper training. Our boot camp training is typically a two-week overnight program; however, we offer extended stays for dogs that require more extensive behavior modification.

Regardless of why a dog comes to train with us, they will always be treated like a member of our family.

Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy boot camp is centered on addressing many of the challenges that owning a new puppy can bring. If you are just looking for a smooth transition into puppy ownership or your new puppy is in need of some basic manners, our boot camp offers basic obedience training while also addressing the most common puppy behaviors, such as teething, digging, biting, and soiling inside the home and crate training.

Older Dog Boot Camp

For older puppies to older dogs, we have an advanced dog training program that addresses deeper behavior modification. Atlantic K9 creates custom solutions based on the unique needs of our clients and their overall training goals. These behaviors often include separation anxiety, fear aggression, counter surfing, barking in the house or on a leash, poor recall, inability to effectively walk on a leash, poor social skills, fear of cars or noises, and crate anxiety (to name a few).

Boot Camp Graduation & Transition

When a dog is ready to graduate from our boot camp program, we then help transition responsibility to the owner so they can learn the same dog training techniques to reinforce at home. Without proper follow-through, it’s difficult to ensure any measurable short- or long-term results. We provide this follow-up training with every owner to teach the commands the dog has learned and offer tips and tools that can be used by the owner when the dog returns home.

Private House Calls

Our private house calls provide one-on-one instruction for dog owners who have the time and desire to learn the art of dog training. In the comfort and privacy of your own home, we will teach you how to lovingly communicate with your dog.

Dogs focus well in their own “den”, which is typically where most behavior problems start to occur. By observing them in their own environment, we can discover the underlying issues and design a training program to address the undesirable behavior. We will guide you on how to read the body language and verbal cues your dog is giving and teach you how to reinforce desirable behavior while properly addressing the negative.

The importance of consistency and follow-through is an integral piece of our training sessions. Our goal is to allow you to relive the “a-ha” moments we experience together while participating in private home lessons with your pup.

private house calls

Daycare Training Program

We believe doggie daycare should be a joyful part of your dog’s daily living. Our highly structured daycare routines offer your dog consistent positive training and interaction throughout the day. A typical day for your dog will include ongoing dog training and mental stimulation, supervised playtime with their dog friends, and time for rest.

Safety is our number one priority. We pair dogs with other dogs that are similar in size and temperament to promote a fun and pleasant experience. Playtime is fantastic for developing the socialization skills your dog will need when around other dogs and humans.

It is this attention to structure and detail that makes it possible for dogs in the Atlantic K9 daycare program to become well-mannered and happy animals both at our facility and at home.

Boarding and Dog Training

Dogs that board with us receive the same large quantities of attention, exercise, and positive reinforcement as in our daycare program. However, our overnight care allows for extra attention and cuddle time at night. We can even accommodate special needs that are discussed during the initial phone consultation.

This program is offered for all of our dog graduates of one of our customized programs.

boarding and training

Puppy Group Class

Our puppy group classes specialize in puppy development, socialization, and skill building for puppies aged 8 weeks to 4 months old.

Puppies are taught how to greet and play with new canine and human friends, build confidence, practice social skills, burn off their puppy energy, and gain the skills they will use throughout their adult dog life.

puppy group class

Basic Obedience Group Class

For dogs aged four months and older, our obedience training programs focus on teaching dog owners the proper use of positive motivational training methods. Step-by-step instruction is given to train your dog to heel, sit, stay, come when called, and walk on a loose leash.

Our Advanced Class prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test. The Canine Good Citizen Test is comprised of 10 different tests that your dog will undergo to receive a certificate of Canine Good Citizenship. Those interested in reducing their homeowner’s insurance or developing a therapy dog will benefit from our Advanced Class. CGC tests are performed at Atlantic K9 by owner Kathleen O’Connell James.

obedience training

Off-Leash and E-Fence Training

Many of our clients are interested in off-leash training. Kathleen O’Connell James of Atlantic K9 teaches a proven, gentle method on how to correctly introduce the e-collar so your dog can safely be off leash. This provides you the peace of mind and confidence that you are providing your canine the safety they require to be-off-leash.

We use the same gentle approach when working with clients on e-fence training. A proper introduction to the tool is important for dogs to understand the safe boundaries of their home without inciting fear or anxiety. Ultimately, we provide you with the freedom to enjoy playtime in the yard through the proper application of the e-fence tool.

dogs off-leash

Dog Sports

Dog sports harness your dog’s natural curiosity and stimulate their mind. They are a fantastic outlet to spend more quality time with your dog. Dog sports are also a great way to discover and understand the way your dog learns. This understanding will immeasurably help you to better communicate with your canine companion.

Kathleen O’Connell James of Atlantic K9 has extensive experience competing with her own dogs in the German dog sport known as Schutzhund, which consists of tracking, obedience and protection skills. In the early years of her career, she sought out world-renowned German trainer, Gottfried Dildei, to learn the sport and help clients interact and communicate with their dogs on a deeper level.

Kathleen frequently attends seminars to stay abreast of the latest tools and training for Schutzhund and passes that knowledge onto her clients through her Dog Sports coaching and training programs.

Our beginner and advanced programs help your dog develop skills and behaviors that are fun for the entire family. 

dog sports schutzhund

To learn more about any of our training programs, please call 978.468.1616 today and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.