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Recommended dog products, vendors, and services carefully selected by Atlantic K9 owner Kathleen O’Connell James.

Dog Products Available on Amazon

Highly recommended dog products and resources that Kathleen regularly uses at her facility and for her own dogs, that can be conveniently ordered through Amazon.


Dogtra provides class-leading tools for e-collar training, GPS tracking, and ball training to support dog owners. Atlantic K9 has been a dealer for Dogtra since 2001.

Please call us at 978-468-1616 to inquire about and purchase Dogtra products and how to correctly use them to effectively train your dog.


Using state-of-the-art military technology and professionally-developed training programs, the SpotOn wireless e-fence allows you to contain and track your dog through GPS technology almost anywhere around the globe—all via a single, durable collar and accompanying phone app. Atlantic K9 is a SpotOn Certified Trainer partner.

Please call us at 978-468-1616 to learn more about SpotOn wireless electric fence and to receive a discount code for your purchase.

SpotOn e-collar

Training Collars and Head Halters

See our Amazon Dog Products page for other training tools and aids we recommend that you can order directly from Amazon

Herman Sprenger Collars

The Herman Sprenger brand prong collar is the only prong collar recommended by Kathleen. Herm Sprenger strives to ensure that the dog equipment that carries its logo meets or exceeds the highest possible standards for quality and achieves this by using only the finest materials and components.

Atlantic K9 is a Herm Sprenger reseller. Please call us at 978-468-1616 to learn more about the Herm Sprenger prong collar and how to effectively use one.

herm sprenger prong collar

EZ Walker Head Halter

The EZ Head Halter allows you to easily guide and control your dog by having complete control over their head.  The figure-8 style halter can be adjusted to fit any size dog, and the adjustment slides on the leash tighten behind the head to help prevent neck injuries.

There is a training process to get a dog used to this tool. Please contact us at 978-468-1616 for more information on how to correctly introduce this tool to your dog in a positive manner.

Pet Product Retailers

Our favorite local and online retailers that carry reputable brands of dog food, supplements, and products that we trust with our own dogs every day. Check with the stores and retailers to get a larger list of recommended products.

Local Retailers:

Online Retailers:

These are just a few of the many great brands that Kathleen suggests to clients.

Local Pet Services

Our local friends help make your pup look and feel their best.

Photography, Art, Grooming, and Dog Care:

Emergency Health Resources

Emergency Treatment Centers

Pet Experts & Organizations

Our go-to experts and organizations that specialize in dog behavior, genetics, and continued education.

Trusted Experts

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