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Preventing Dog Possession and Food Aggression Issues

To prevent your puppy from being possessive and having a dog behavior issue like food aggression, you simply introduce a trading game with the puppy. In exchange for his toys or bones trade either treats or another toy with your puppy.  While your puppy eats, pet him/her for short periods of time. This will help the puppy realize you’re not going to take away its food, and it will become more comfortable with you around.

Furthermore, you could also let the puppy get used to being petted and touched while it’s chewing on a bone. Do this in moderation. If the dog growls, then seek help right away from a professional behaviorist like me to nip it in the bud right away.

Above all, never just take away a food bowl or bone to prove you’re in charge. You will just be creating conflict! Trade in the beginning, and then as the dog grows, you can introduce other techniques to teach letting go.

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