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Social Encounters

Setting the tone for your dog to meet another is an important factor for introductions. You don’t want two dogs meeting each other on a tight leash, head to head. Kathleen suggests that the two meet off leash in a fenced area or safe open area, far away from the street. And remember, you should always have off-leash control if you are taking your dog off leash.  

friendly dog interaction

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It’s important to know what your dog’s temperament is like as well as communicating with the other dog’s owner about theirs. Often people do not ask the other owner what their dog is like. If the dog has Leash Reactive tendencies, it may bring out displays of aggression which can be dangerous to both humans and dogs. Harnesses or flat collars can bring out frustration which can lead to leash reactivity.

If you are unsure about your dog’s reaction, it may be a good idea to first introduce them with a gate between them, so they can get used to each other. Also, you could go for a walk with your friend and his dog, walking parallel, and not letting the dogs get to each other for several visits. Then the next step could be allowing them to interact with each other. If unsure always seek professional help.

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