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Friendly, Confident and Smart German Shepherds

German Shepherds have always been a passion of mine which began with my first working dog Kita (a.k.a, Amerika vom Grauen Wolf). She was typical of the breed: intelligent, hardworking and devoted to her owner. I studied and trained under world-renowned Gottfried Dildei, a competitive dog training coach for Schutzhund – a sport where German Shepherds excel due to their incredible tracking, obedience, and protection abilities. Learning and teaching dog sports helped me develop an even deeper bond with my own dogs, but also a love for the German Shepherd breed.

My breeding program follows the breed standard of the FCI World Breed Club, which is a medium-sized German Shepherd dog with a calm nature, caring temperament, and a strong desire to protect their loved ones. Combine these traits with their intelligence and athleticism and you can see how German Shepherds are without a doubt a wonderful family and sports dog.

My female German Shepherds are to breed standard 50-70 lbs. and stand up to 24″ tall at the withers, and my males are to breed standard 65-85 lbs. and stand up to 26” tall at the withers.

Meet the Family


Blitz is an incredibly social two-year-old German Shepherd with a confident personality and excellent temperament. He has a strong food and toy/prey drive for all phases of training.

male german shepherd with owner


Dora is a sweet and obedient six-year-old German Shepherd from my third generation of breeding. She’s always eager to please us and protect my son, Brady. Dora is super social and faithful, and we’re lucky to have her as a family dog.

female german shepherd

Fiona Vom Diamond Meadows

Fiona is strong-minded, super sweet, social and playful with other dogs. She is the daughter of Dora and Blitz.

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German Shepherd Breeding FAQs

Why do you breed German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are affectionate, friendly, intelligent, loyal, and courageous. They’re quick learners with a willingness to protect their owners like no other breed.

How long have you been breeding German Shepherds?

I have been breeding German Shepherds as a hobby breeder for more than 18 years.

Are there certain qualities that your litters have?

I breed for sound temperament, health, and trainability. I research the family lines and specifically target certain qualities I want in my dogs. If you seek a great family pet that is good with children, is highly trainable, and has a willingness to please, then Atlantic K9 German Shepherds are right for you.

How do you test for health?

Hip and elbow dysplasia are the number one concern with any large breed dog. I x-ray my dogs and send results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to be rated before breeding them. All of my puppies are placed on a preventative hip and joint formula to keep them healthy and strong throughout their working lives, and my puppies come with a hip guarantee.

Do you test for temperament?

Before placing a puppy with a family, we complete the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test at the age of 7-8 weeks. The 10-part test measures a puppy’s:

  • Social Attraction: the degree of social attraction to people, confidence or dependence.
  • Following: willingness to follow a person.
  • Restraint: degree of dominant or submissive tendency, and ease of handling in difficult situations.
  • Social Dominance: degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person.
  • Elevation: degree of accepting dominance while in a position of no control, such as at the veterinarian or groomer.
  • Retrieving: degree of willingness to do something for you. Together with Social Attraction and Following, this is a key indicator for ease or difficulty in training.
  • Touch Sensitivity: degree of sensitivity to touch and a key indicator to the type of training equipment required.
  • Sound Sensitivity: degree of sensitivity to sound, such as loud noises or thunderstorms.
  • Sight Sensitivity: degree of response to a moving object, such as chasing bicycles, children or squirrels.
  • Stability: degree of startle response to a strange object.

We place our puppies in homes that best match the results of our testing based on feedback obtained in our consultative phone and in-person interviews.

How do I get an Atlantic K9 German Shepherd pup?

My pups are available for selection at 7 weeks old. Owners make their selection in the order of which they made their deposit. Puppies can go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

Do I need a fenced yard?

I do expect my German Shepherd families to have a fenced yard and to never use a tie out as an alternative.

What should I know about training?

The American Kennel Club recommends early socialization and puppy training classes for German Shepherds, and continued obedience training which helps puppies grow into well-mannered adults. Consistency and positive, reward-based training will yield excellent results. German Shepherds bond to their family and should be raised in the household and exposed to the family’s activities.

When you own one of our pups, we consider you family and would love the opportunity to continue our relationship through training and boarding.

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