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Kaitlyn & Zephyr

Boot Camp

I reached out to Atlantic K9 because I really wanted my 2 year old dog, Zephyr, to be the best boy he could possibly be. I was mostly having difficulties with leash training. Zephyr is about 65 lbs, so before Atlantic K9 he would basically take me for walk every chance he got. That was the biggest “issue” I was having and wanted corrected. When I spoke with the Atlantic K9 team, some other touch points we discussed as far as training goes were: counter surfing, better listening, barking, and the final goal – off leash. 

I spent a few weeks reviewing and reaching out to canine trainers/companies before choosing Atlantic K9. I knew I was going to choose Atlantic K9 after my first phone call with Jennifer. Jennifer was great and super informative. We discussed everything I wanted to go over. She asked questions and was super engaged and interested in Zephyr’s living situation, past trainings, and any “issues” that I wanted corrected. I was nervous to send my dog away with people I didn’t know for an extended amount of time, but after that first phone call I knew that Zephyr would be taken care of at Atlantic K9. I got to meet Kathleen when I picked Zephyr up from his bootcamp. She was amazing as well. Super knowledgeable and basically a dog whisperer.

I also want to thank Jenny. Jenny helped with Zephyr’s training and was the person I met with for follow up trainings. She was super informative as well and extremely nice. The whole experience was better than what I could have ever expected. Zephyr and I are so extremely happy with the results and I look forward to bringing Zephyr back for daycare//boarding soon! 

About Zephyr:

Zephyr is a newly 2 year old pup (his birthday was in the beginning of Feb!) who absolutely LOVES to make new friends, run, play with sticks, get pet by strangers, and eat all of the treats. I rescued Zephyr in May of 2018 from Mississippi, so his breed isn’t 100%, but I believe he is a mix of: hound and lab. Zephyr has a super friendly personality. He’s also extremely goofy and silly. However, if he thinks he can get away with something… like eating the chicken off my plate when I’m not looking, he will. Luckily, after going through training, Zephyr hardly comes near me when I’m eating now! It’s amazing!

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Boot Camp

We are forever grateful for Atlantic K9. Now we can enjoy our German Shepherds and be able to bring them with us wherever.

Kaitlyn · Wakefield, MA

Boot Camp

The whole experience was better than what I could have ever expected. Zephyr and I are so extremely happy with the results!

Christine · Amherst, NH

Boot Camp

Kathleen gave us our lives back and our confidence.

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Jenny and the team did a fabulous job training Brandy, and when I picked her up, I was amazed at the progress she made in just a two week period of time.

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My experiences with the staff at Atlantic K9 have been great...I was able to get the results I was working toward in a short period of time.

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Thanks to all of you, we walk him now off leash!

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