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Barbara G. Clark


Atlantic K9 Training has been a very positive experience for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi and me.  Kathleen O’Connell James, the personal trainer, considered and directed her training to me the owner and the dog to bring about specific correction behavior. 

A heredity instinct to herd cattle, which took the form of chasing vehicles and people as they approached and/or departed, was dangerous and most undesirable. Kathleen corrected this behavior and maintained the dog’s spirit.

I am grateful and impressed. Kathleen takes you through the steps for behavior correction slowly and repeatedly until she is confident you will carry out the demands correctly and there will be no confusion for the dog. She is patient. She is knowledgeable. She is confident.

Her staff is courteous, attentive and prompt to respond—and likable.    

I am pleased to give this recommendation and feel confident owners and dogs will benefit from Atlantic K9 training.

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Eliza · Chicago, IL

Private Lessons

We are forever grateful to Atlantic K9 Training and Kathleen and the training she gave us.

Kristin • Lynnfield, MA

Boot Camp

Now that [Kona]'s been home for a few weeks, Kona is still her sweet self, but behaves so much better!

Greg and Annalisa・Winchester, MA

Boot Camp

Kira's training at Atlantic K9 was an amazing foundation that we know we need to continue on to keep Kira happy and consistently reinforced.

Ashley ᛫ Lynnfield, MA

Private Lessons

I cannot recommend Atlantic K9 enough!

Christine · Amherst, NH

Boot Camp

Kathleen gave us our lives back and our confidence.

Grant · Manchester, MA

Off-Leash Training

My experiences with the staff at Atlantic K9 have been great...I was able to get the results I was working toward in a short period of time.

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