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Brenden & Lily

Boot Camp

Lily’s experience at Atlantic K9 was very special for her and I. Lily recently completed the two-week bootcamp program and has since been thriving. Lily is an 11-month-old mixed breed rescue who came into our family during the summer of 2022.

I have been around dogs my entire life and was confident I could begin training basic commands. Pretty quickly after adopting Lily I began researching training programs as I wanted Lily to master not only the basics but wanted to challenge her in being the best she could be. This included wanting a no-pull leash walk, strong recall and the ability to listen off-leash. I can confidently say that all of these goals and more were achieved with Atlantic K9. 

During my research in looking for a reputable training program I was lucky to find Atlantic K9. I was looking for a place where I thought would produce not only results, but I also needed to feel that my puppy would be safe and would be treated for properly. I looked into various programs at various places, and I kept coming back to Atlantic K9. The endless reviews of incredible experiences with Atlantic K9 was something I just couldn’t resist and was drawn too. To be fully honest I would randomly google Atlantic K9 just to see if a new review popped up because I was so excited to hear another success story. It provided me with excitement, and I finally reached out. 

From the first time I emailed/called and discussed my goals and aspirations for Lily and the program I felt comfortable. The team at Atlantic K9 is knowledgeable, confident but they also just get it. They get the “nervous” dog parent worries, they get the concerns, and they listen. They were supportive before being enrolled, during enrollment, during Lily’s stay and have continued to be supportive since the program.

During Lily’s bootcamp I was able to see photos of Lily each day. The team would send over random messages and provide updates. They also encouraged me to reach out whenever I wanted too if I had any questions or simply wanted an update. I had a lengthy phone call halfway through the program and got the full scoop on Lily and her progress. I was shocked when I first heard Lily was learning “heel”. I mean I understand one of my desired goals was a no-pull leash walk but I never thought she would learn heel. Lily was also working on her recall command and was beginning to step into her off-leash training. 

At the end of the two-week program and upon pick-up I spent an hour on site to be trained on everything Lily learned and techniques that I would need to continue to use at home. The team at Atlantic K9 continued to check in on Lily and I was able to text/call back and forth with them if I had any questions. A month after the program we had a second in person follow-up training. Lily was able to showcase everything she learned and had continued to work on over the month. It was a great session in which I was able to further my education on more techniques and tweak anything that I was possibly doing incorrectly. 

It’s now been not even two months since Lily completed the bootcamp program and she is thriving. I am able to walk Lily with such ease. This means Lily gets to come everywhere with me! She can loose-leash walk, and she can go into heel upon command. Lily has such a strong recall thanks to Atlantic K9. As soon as I say, “come here”, she instantly comes over to me. Lily was playing with a dog the other day and during mid-play I said, “Lily come here” and she came over without hesitation. The other dog parent was so impressed and jokingly asked its dog why it can’t listen that well. It was a light-hearted moment but a moment that reinforced how well the training went. Lily is now also able to roam off-leash. I feel confident in her recall that we venture through the woods, play at the beach and roam around outside the house without a leash. Thanks to Atlantic K9 I have the resources, tools and education to continue to challenge Lily. Lily is so engaged with me and its really helped me in providing a more fulfilling life for her.

Lastly, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Jenny, Kathleen and the entire staff at Atlantic K9. The experience has been incredible, and I am thankful for all your hard work and efforts that go into making such positive experiences happen. Lily and I can’t say thank you enough!

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Boot Camp

Long story short, working with Atlantic K9 was the best decision we made for our dog! 

Semra · Peabody, MA

Boot Camp

I highly recommend sending your dog to Atlantic K9.

Brenden · Beverly, MA

Boot Camp

Lily is so engaged with me and its really helped me in providing a more fulfilling life for her.

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Boot Camp

I highly recommend Atlantic K9 for the best services you could ever want for your fur-baby

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Boot Camp

We would highly recommend AK9 to anyone and are happy to have found them!

Scott · Rowley, MA

Boot Camp

It was delightful to see how much they cared about Zoe and what our expectations were.

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