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Christine, Pasha, & Ruslan

Boot Camp

Pasha and Ruslan are now 11 month old puppy brothers. We got them at 8 weeks. We did some basic training and socialization, until 6 months of age when Pasha developed a shoulder injury, requiring surgery & 10 weeks of rehabilitation, taking us to 9-10 months of age before we could start back with training and re-socialization.

This was a difficult time for Pasha as a young puppy. With the social isolation, limited movement, developing physical growth, and the pack mentality of the two boys, they turned into teenagers with no boundaries!!! Pasha became very protective and reactive to all humans (except family members) and started to chase and bite at everyone! Ruslan, who loved people, started to learn this behavior as well. The boys were completely out of control as they were both BIG and powerful! 116 & 106 pounds. We were NOW all isolated in our house! 

I learned about Atlantic K9 from my daughter. She has a rescue Pitbull mix, Maeve, who had separation anxiety, and did the 2 week Bootcamp with Kathleen & staff, and had a great intensive training experience. Maeve spends a lot of time with us and I was so pleased with her behavior. Kathleen is currently working on dog aggression behavior with Maeve. 

So I called Kathleen and off to Bootcamp the boys went! Pasha requiring 3 weeks due to his aggressive behavior. Kathleen did an amazing job training Pasha and Ruslan. Both dogs know “heel”, “sit”, “stay”, and “off” automatically, and respond to my commands for “with me”, “leave it”, “no”, etc. Still a work in progress, with Kathleen, on socialization and recall. I continue daily training at home as the boys are still growing puppies. And I have a safe familiar place to board the boys when needed. 

Kathleen gave us our lives back and our confidence. We now have full control of our well behaved boys and can hike, walk around town, have company over, travel, and live my dream with our BIG beautiful BRTs! Important too, the boys have a great life!

About the breed:

The Black Russian Terrier is a working guard dog developed by the former USSR Red Star Kennel in the 1950’s. BRTs are a cross of mainly Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Great Dane, among other Russian dog breeds. Recognized in 2001 by the AKC in the working dog group. The BRT is a size able dog, large and imposing in both weight and substance. Strongly built with massive bone, the almost square body has a sturdy, robust frame with well developed muscles. They have a black weatherproof coat and dense undercoat of hair with beautiful facial furnishings: heavy eyebrows, mustache, and beard are trademarks of the breed. And yes, there are eyes under all of that hair! BRT’s are brave, self confident, alert, with sound temperament, though usually rather wary of strangers. BRTs are wonderfully devoted to their owners and very protective of their family. BRTs are adaptable, smart, and easily trained but if he finds himself or his owner in a dangerous situation, he can react very quickly. Because of the breed’s guarding instincts and wariness of strangers, careful training and socialization are important from a young age. 

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