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Holly & Rocky

Boot Camp

My interest in Atlantic K9 originated from needing a professional dog boarding facility. A close friend of mine recommended Atlantic K9. I contacted Kathleen and learned about their facility, and the philosophy of requiring all boarders go through a 2 week bootcamp, which included training on an E-Collar. I was initially hesitant about the E-Collar, but the more I learned about the training, the more it made sense to me. 

Rocky, my 5 year old Porty, had some behavioral issues. He had was negatively imprinted against certain breeds, Shepards and yellow labs, stemming from attacks as a puppy. Ari, and the other trainers at AK9, did any amazing job teaching Rocky to focus his attention on me and not the perceived threat of other dogs. He also responds perfectly to the “COME” , “WAIT” and “OFF” and “LEAVE IT” commands. Rocky seems more relaxed, and focused on our leash walks. 

My husband and I are thrilled with the investment we made in Rocky’s training, and very impressed with the staff and facility at Atlantic K9. We use the tools we learned from Ari daily, and are very happy with the results. I have recommended this facility to many of my friends who have had similarly positive experiences.

There are many dog boarding options on the North Shore, however, Atlantic K9 is unique in its professionalism and beautiful 10 acre facility. I feel confident and comfortable boarding Rocky, and appreciate the continued training he receives during his stay. 

Thank you to Kathleen and all the staff at Atlantic K9 for all you have done for Rocky.

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Kathleen · Middleton, MA

Boot Camp

I honestly don’t even have the words to describe how amazing the staff was.

Steven · Seabrook, NH

Boot Camp

I wish I could give them 1 million stars.

Sue · Middleton, MA

Boot Camp

This whole experience has created an even deeper bond between us and Sugar.

Holly · Gloucester, MA

Boot Camp

I have recommended this facility to many of my friends who have had similarly positive experiences.

Kara · Middleton, MA

Boot Camp

10/10 recommend!!!

Emily · Dudley, MA

Boot Camp

Atlantic K9 has been a life changer for us!

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