I am passionate about dogs, so it’s no wonder that along with training them I also own and breed them.


My Jack Russell terrier puppies are bred for well balanced temperaments, sociability, and train-ability.  I carefully choose a line of Jack Russell Terriers that are great with people, great with kids, and great with other dogs. Jacks have lots of energy when needed but also like to hang out and cuddle up on the couch when it is time to relax.  Jack Russell terriers make great companion family dogs and also are good for working around the farm.  They are bred to be short legged: our Jack Russells are no more than 10″ tall with compact muscular bodies and smooth coats.

On a ongoing, selective basis, I am able to offer short-legged Jack Russell Terrier pups for sale. When I do not have pups of my own available, I can tap into my extensive network of reputable Jack Russell breeders to help you find the ideal addition to your household, including both pups and older dogs.

Special Services for Breeders and Kennels: Please inquire about our special services that include whelping and assistance with pre-sale identification and training.

Parents of Puppies

Bengley – Stud

Kaya – Female Jack Russell Terrier

Litter born 3/14/2017 Kaya and Begley (Born during the Winter storm Stella)

Litter Name is Stella and the Four Storm Troopers 1 Girl 4 Boys

1 Week old

2 Weeks Jack Russell terrier puppies

 Past Litters

Litter Born 3/25/2015 (sold)


Litter Born March 22, 2016 (Sold) 1 Girl 3 Boys

2016 Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

2016 Jack Russell Terrier Puppies