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Where Service Meets Support, We Salute Our Furry Companions

March 13th is National K9 Veteran’s Day. In 1942, Dogs for Defense was formed by the Army to train dogs to be sentries for supply depots as part of its new War Dog Program. Since then, the K9 Corps have served valiantly alongside American troops in combat. From Sargent Stubby, the original wartime dog to Cairo, the Navy SEAL working dog who served on the bin Laden raid, these dogs have protected troops, found hidden drugs and located explosives.

Military K9 dogs are highly-trained and certified with the military. While any dog can be trained to be a Military K9 dog, German Shepards and Labs are especially well- suited for their courage, intelligence and loyalty.

This day has even greater meaning for us as the co-founder of Atlantic K9 is an Army veteran. And as dog lovers who enjoy training German Shepards and other working dogs we especially appreciate their service and sacrifice. To support our four-legged veterans, we encourage you to consider making a donation to Mission K9 (link to, a non-profit organization based in Houston, TX with satellite offices in San Antonio and Los Angeles. From these locations, they serve retiring and retired Military Working dogs, Contract Working dogs and other dogs who have served around the world. We had the pleasure of speaking with Bob Bryant, the founder, recently. He told us that since 2013 they have brought more than 1250 working dogs home from overseas and reunited over 620 dogs with their former veteran Handlers. Your donation will help them provide vital services including veterinary care to assist these heroic working dogs.

All of us at Atlantic K9 honor the service and sacrifices of our military and working
K9 dogs!