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7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this Holiday Season

It’s the most Wonder-FUR Time of the Year!

The holidays are an exciting and happy time of year but it’s also the season for potential stress and danger for your canine companions. Being extra vigilant when there are new sights, sounds and people will make the holidays happy and safe. Here are our time-tested tips to help everyone be of good cheer.

  1. Get moving! It’s not just humans who need exercise and a break from holiday meals. Grab your winter jackets and leash to go for a long walk or toss the ball to relieve stress. 
  2. Spare the sweets. Everything from chocolate to candies (especially those that contain xylitol) are potentially toxic to your dog. Keep sweet treats out of reach to avoid any possible poisonings. And, while you’re baking up grandma’s favorite cookies why not also whip up some homemade dog treats?
  3. Keep it lean. Fatty, holiday meals are not meant to be shared with our furry family members. Same goes for alcohol, avocados, citrus, coconut, grapes, nuts, dairy, onions and other toxic foods. Avoid table scrap “treats” and keep your pet on their normal diet to avoid any health complications.
  4. There’s no place like home! And for your pets, that should be their crates or a quiet room with their favorite bed and toys. Providing a safe and familiar place for your pet to escape the excitement will make everyone’s holiday happier.
  5. Hang the Holly & Mistletoe. Be sure to keep holiday plants, especially holly, mistletoe, amaryllis, poinsettias and lilies out of reach of your pets. Eating these plants can cause vomiting and gastrointestinal distress. No one wants to celebrate at the animal hospital.
  6. Fill their stockings. Odds are your dog has been a good dog this year so show some love with a stocking filled with their favorite treats, a new toy and even some wrapping paper or boxes for them to play.
  7. Say cheese!  Even our dogs like to ham it up. Being together is a perfect time to capture a photo of the entire family.

Here’s to a wonder-fur holiday season!