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Semra & Kaiser

Boot Camp

I originally contacted Atlantic K9 for our German Shepherd Kaiser who was a little over a year back in September 2022. 

Kaiser is overall an amazing Shepherd, great with kids and people but we started seeing signs of aggression with other dogs around 6 months.  It got worse for us because I had a really hard time walking him in our neighborhood. Kaiser got leash reactive, barking at other dogs, lunging towards them and  pulling me constantly. I took Kaiser to a few k9 training facilities with no success. His behavior had not changed. 

My neighbor recommended Atlantic K9 but I was hesitant at first since we had no luck with the other trainers we took him too. 

I decided to call Atlantic K9 and spoke with the owner Kathleen. We spoke for quite a bit. She was very friendly and helpful. She was very honest and didn’t promise me anything that she couldn’t fulfill. She did promise me that if I would send Kaiser for the 2 week boot camp that I would be able to take him for a walk around my neighborhood or anywhere without him lunging, barking and  pulling. I had a hard time believing her since all the other trainers promised me the same. I was so desperate to get help and my neighbor spoke so highly of Kathleen and her staff. My husband and I decided to send Kaiser for the 2 week boot camp. When I picked up my baby I had Jenny teach me everything I needed to know to continue the training at home. The next day I walked Kaiser around the neighborhood and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He did not lunge, he did not bark and he did not react. I can’t tell you how happy I was. Kathleen and her amazing team did such a wonderful job. It’s been now over 4 month and I can walk my dog in peace. 

Kaiser is still the same dog,  just more obedient and he feels safe since he looks at me as the leader now. 

I can’t thank my neighbor enough for recommending Atlantic K9. We send Kaiser once a month now so he can play with other dogs. They are so knowledgeable and know exactly what dogs to put together so they can play together. 

I am so happy with Kathleen and her staff. I highly recommend sending your dog to Atlantic K9. 

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Boot Camp

Long story short, working with Atlantic K9 was the best decision we made for our dog! 

Semra · Peabody, MA

Boot Camp

I highly recommend sending your dog to Atlantic K9.

Brenden · Beverly, MA

Boot Camp

Lily is so engaged with me and its really helped me in providing a more fulfilling life for her.

Connie · Haverhill, MA

Boot Camp

I highly recommend Atlantic K9 for the best services you could ever want for your fur-baby

Cori · Topsfield, MA

Boot Camp

We would highly recommend AK9 to anyone and are happy to have found them!

Scott · Rowley, MA

Boot Camp

It was delightful to see how much they cared about Zoe and what our expectations were.

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