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Tabitha & Jack

Boot Camp

Jack is a 5 year old mixed breed rescue who was rescued in Texas after Hurricane Harvey and made his way up to MA after his rescue. He was originally adopted out to another family who returned him to the rescue. Jack is an incredibly sweet dog who loves affection and people. We always say his favorite thing is when he knows what you want him to do – he loves to do a good job.

Jack was fostered by Atlantic K9 back in 2018 when we adopted him from Freedom Street Rescue. We knew that he had made a lot of progress while working with Kathleen already. We worked with him a a lot on our own for the time we’ve had him, but still felt like we needed professional help with his resource guarding. We contacted Atlantic K9 to get him set up with the boot camp knowing that it was a safe and familiar situation for Jack. Our experience has been fantastic. It was great seeing photos of Jack throughout the 2 weeks and how much fun he was having.

After the 2 weeks when we picked Jack up it was great to get our own human version of the training and to understand how Jack’s thought process works when working with him. Jenny was great at explaining everything clearly and working with us closely to ensure we could continue the training at home.

I had emailed with some concerns about my own ability to do the training at home and had a nice call with Kathleen validating that what we were doing was working and helping us troubleshoot a few problems.

We “closed out” our training with a 1 hour lesson where we learned a bit more about how to continue working with Jack on obedience. While we didn’t have objectives going into the training, we had a great time working with Jenny on how to make the training more challenging and more advanced. It was so great to see how far Jack has come since starting the program. It was also great to hear that, while the 2 week bootcamp was over, they are here for us if we need them in the future.

At home we have seen such an improvement in his resource guarding. We used to tune out Jack’s growling in the background any time a cat would approach or something bothered him, but we’ve noticed recently how much more quiet it is in the house with Jack feeling more comfortable and confident in his home. Not only are we happier living with Jack, but we can tell he’s much happier and less anxious than he was before.

We knew going into this that Atlantic K9 had made an impact on Jack’s life in the past and were confident that they could work with him again. We felt like Jack was as special to them as he is to us throughout the whole process.

Thank you again for everything!

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