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Trenni Kusnierek & Winnie

Boot Camp

We first reached out to Atlantic K9 because, while our dog Winnie was sweet and obedient, she needed a lot of correcting. It was exhausting trying to walk her without pulling and stopping. She loved people and always wanted to jump to greet them. Even taking her out for a quick bathroom break resulted in digging a ditch in the park lawn! We also wanted to make sure she was safe. Learning to properly use an E-collar, especially when playing or exploring off-leash, was very important to us. 

Mission accomplished! I have stopped counting how many people remark about Winnie’s manners and skills- especially when they discover she’s still a puppy under a year old! 

After working with the Atlantic K9 staff it was night and day with Winnie. Walks are an absolute joy, her recall is beyond impressive, and her previously bad habits (digging, jumping, chewing) are, at worst, intermittent. 

Thankfully, her training didn’t stop when we picked her up from bootcamp. Solo sessions with Ari and Jenny helped my husband and I learn how to work with Winnie at home and reinforce what she learned from the pros. Our second session helped us work more on jumping, coming out of heel when we walk her together, and learning exercises to teach her “place”. The staff at Atlantic K9 are second to none. They work seamlessly with both the dogs and their owners ensuring everyone is happy and healthy. 

Thanks to Atlantic K9, Winnie really is the best girl. 

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Scott · Rowley, MA

Boot Camp

It was delightful to see how much they cared about Zoe and what our expectations were.

Ashley · North Reading, MA

Boot Camp

We only wish we found them sooner.

Denise · Revere, MA

Boot Camp

We are very happy with choosing Atlantic K9 and will recommend them to all dog owners.

Haley · Salem, MA

Boot Camp

Kathleen and Jenny know how to achieve that balance while respecting the dog/breed and their traits, and mold them into a safe, happy, well-mannered dog.

Trenni · Boston, MA

Boot Camp

The staff at Atlantic K9 are second to none.

Meg · Beverly, MA

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We were so pleased with Lemon's experience at Atlantic K9 that we have continued our relationship with once weekly daycare for her!

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