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Sara, Nick, & Remy

Boot Camp

After saying a goodbye to our dog of 15 years, I thought I would never want another dog. We have two young sons and I felt like we had enough on our plates. Fast forward to a few short months after putting our dog down, I felt like the house was empty and too quiet without a dog. The kids would go to school and it was just me. After many conversations, my husband Nick and I decided that if we were going to get a dog, we had to train him/her. Our last dog was not good on the leash and could not be trusted with other dogs, and most certainly could not be trusted off leash.

We researched many different breeds and decided a red lab was the perfect family dog. We got in with a great breeder in Massachusetts, and luckily were able to bring him home in May. We did a lot of research on training, and even had multiple trainers at our home – we didn’t care for the two trainers that we had at our house, we just didn’t vibe or agree with their training tactics. 

Nick had a friend who raved about Atlantic K9 Training. My husband reached out and got the information and instantly wanted to move forward with them. I was VERY hesitant, we were crate training and I didn’t want to ruin any type of routine we had going on. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money, would it be worth it?  We initially did not commit to bootcamp, but did go in for a one on one session with Ari. When we came for our first visit, I was blown away. The grounds are beautifully maintained, and the facility is clean. Ari was so positive and had a great energy about her and handled Remy so wonderfully. After our first meeting with Ari, I felt comfortable sending Remy to bootcamp – I was still not sure if he would come back to us any different – but Nick really believed in what they offered, and he had spoken to several past clients, so we signed up. Our goal in signing Remy up for bootcamp was that he would be off leash, and listen to simple commands, such as sit and stay, and leave it. 

We signed Remy up for 2 weeks in October, at that point he was 7 months old, still very much a puppy. Ari and other members of the team checked in with us frequently, which made us feel good. We also had access to their website which allowed us to see our boy throughout the days. When we came to pick him up we were SO impressed with all of the work that Atlantic K9 did – Remy was off the leash, he would come when he was called and his sit, stay, and leave it was on point. Ari taught us how to handle him and use the e-collar training system, it was easy to learn, especially with a great teacher like Ari. 

It is almost January and we always walk Remy in our neighborhood OFF LEASH! We are constantly working with him on all of the things we learned at Atlantic K9 – the training won’t work if you don’t continue to practice it, so we make a point to practice daily, our 8 year old son also has learned the training and is a huge help with Remy! 

The money we spent at Atlantic K9 was the best money we ever spent! We have the best dog because they know what they are doing, and taught us how to train our beloved boy! 

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Tanya · Hamilton, MA

Boot Camp

I travel a lot and feel 100% comfortable leaving them there. The team knows them and gets their quirks and seem to really love them.

Aly · Lynnfield, MA

Boot Camp

They are all so passionate and amazing at their jobs and we are forever grateful to have found them!

Laura & Brian · Boxford, MA

Boot Camp

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Atlantic K9 to anyone seeking exceptional dog training services.

Sara & Nick · Rowley, MA

Boot Camp

The money we spent at Atlantic K9 was the best money we ever spent!

Boot Camp

Hank has really thrived and transformed at Atlantic K9.

Meri · Waltham, MA

Boot Camp

Since bootcamp, Nellie is so much more relaxed with people and dogs.

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