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Janice & Brandy

Boot Camp

Prior to contacting Atlantic K9, I had contacted a few training facilities and met with them to discuss their services. I didn’t connect with the trainers and their facilities seemed cold and industrial. A co-worker told me about Atlantic K9 so I gave them a call. I first spoke with Jennifer and she was friendly and professional and was very knowledgeable about the services they provided.  She explained the program and invited me to the home of Kathleen where I met with the team and where Brandy would be staying. They took their time explaining what Brandy would experience and answered all of my questions without rushing me.

Brandy is my Golden Doodle who I was unable to walk on a leash, she knew basic commands but getting her to be consistent with them was impossible. She was anxious and did not socialize well with others. I was getting frustrated with her and myself so I knew that both of us needed help.  I booked Brandy for the two week overnight Boot Camp. Needless to say, I was nervous about leaving my “baby” with “strangers”. However, I felt comfortable with the trainers I met.

Jenny and the team did a fabulous job training Brandy, and when I picked her up, I was amazed at the progress she made in just a two week period of time. She was walking on a leash without pulling, socialized, and obeying the commands. They gave my husband and I a one hour class to teach us how to continue the work at home. After Brandy returned home, a few weeks later Jenny came to my house for a follow-up lesson. Not only did she train Brandy on how to be the best dog she can be, but she taught me how to be a better trainer and dog owner. I am proud to say that Brandy continues to make progress and I am able to take her out and not worry about how she behaves. Thank you Atlantic K9!


The Trombetto Family 

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Lauren · Stoneham, MA

Boot Camp

I can't recommend Atlantic K9 enough. You will be equipped with the tools you need to be able to enjoy your dog.

Lauren · Boston, MA

Boot Camp

Now I can feel safe having him off leash and not have to worry that he might take off!

Sam · Georgetown, MA

Boot Camp

We both agree it was literally the best money we have ever spent!

Kristin • Lynnfield, MA

Boot Camp

Now that [Kona]'s been home for a few weeks, Kona is still her sweet self, but behaves so much better!

Greg and Annalisa・Winchester, MA

Boot Camp

Kira's training at Atlantic K9 was an amazing foundation that we know we need to continue on to keep Kira happy and consistently reinforced.

Oscar • Salisbury, MA

Boot Camp

We were concerned that her personality would be different once we had her trained. This was far from the truth.

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