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Laura, Brian & Arizona

Boot Camp

We cannot speak highly enough of Atlantic K9 and the exceptional dog training experience they provided for our beloved Golden Retriever, Arizona. At 1.5 years old, Arizona was a bundle of energy, and we knew she needed some guidance to channel her exuberance effectively. That’s when we decided to enroll her in Atlantic K9’s 2-week boot camp, and it was truly a transformative experience.

The entire staff at Atlantic K9 impressed us with their kindness and responsiveness. They treated Arizona with the same level of affection and attention as we do, which immediately put us at ease. Under the guidance of Ari and the dedicated team at Atlantic K9, Arizona underwent a comprehensive training program that exceeded our expectations. Ari’s expertise and kindness shone through as she worked closely with Arizona, addressing her specific needs and incorporating our training requests seamlessly.

Following the boot camp, we appreciated the in-person training sessions and the extensive phone/text support provided by Atlantic K9. Their commitment to our success as Arizona’s family was evident in the thoroughness of the training program. We felt well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to command Arizona effectively in any situation.

Thanks to Atlantic K9’s training, we have seen a remarkable transformation in Arizona’s behavior. From being high-energy and chaotic, she emerged as a well-trained and calm companion, especially when commanded. As a bonus she can now be confidently taken off-leash, even in public settings, as we know that she will heed our commands reliably.

Atlantic K9 has not only trained Arizona but has also empowered us as her owners. They have equipped us with the tools and knowledge needed to foster a strong bond with Arizona and to navigate various training challenges effectively.

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Atlantic K9 to anyone seeking exceptional dog training services. Thank you, Atlantic K9, for everything!

Warm regards, Laura and Brian Boulter

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Tanya · Hamilton, MA

Boot Camp

I travel a lot and feel 100% comfortable leaving them there. The team knows them and gets their quirks and seem to really love them.

Aly · Lynnfield, MA

Boot Camp

They are all so passionate and amazing at their jobs and we are forever grateful to have found them!

Laura & Brian · Boxford, MA

Boot Camp

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Atlantic K9 to anyone seeking exceptional dog training services.

Sara & Nick · Rowley, MA

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The money we spent at Atlantic K9 was the best money we ever spent!

Boot Camp

Hank has really thrived and transformed at Atlantic K9.

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Since bootcamp, Nellie is so much more relaxed with people and dogs.

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