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Keelinn & Walter

Off-Leash Training

Lab mix running on the beach at sunset

Kathleen’s holistic approach to e-collar/off-leash training was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to be able to let my dog off at the beach and on the trails and know that if I called him, he would come. Walter took to Kathleen’s method quickly, and it has made a HUGE difference in our lives! I can take him to our favorite places and let him run and play, and I don’t need to worry about his leash getting tangled up or not coming back to me. Walter and I have a closer bond, and overall he seems to be a happier dog. Working with Kathleen was the best decision I ever made!

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Lauren · Boston, MA

Boot Camp

Now I can feel safe having him off leash and not have to worry that he might take off!

Eliza · Chicago, IL

Private Lessons

We are forever grateful to Atlantic K9 Training and Kathleen and the training she gave us.

Kristin • Lynnfield, MA

Boot Camp

Now that [Kona]'s been home for a few weeks, Kona is still her sweet self, but behaves so much better!

Greg and Annalisa・Winchester, MA

Boot Camp

Kira's training at Atlantic K9 was an amazing foundation that we know we need to continue on to keep Kira happy and consistently reinforced.

Ashley ᛫ Lynnfield, MA

Private Lessons

I cannot recommend Atlantic K9 enough!

Kaitlyn · Wakefield, MA

Boot Camp

The whole experience was better than what I could have ever expected. Zephyr and I are so extremely happy with the results!

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